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Why Club Momentum?

When it comes to club volleyball, you have several options in northern suburbs. At Club Momentum, we differentiate ourselves from the others on the following levels:

  • Limited team sizes – Team sizes are limited to maximize playing time, both in practice and at tournaments.
  • Coach to player ratio – We are very proud of our coach to player ratio — 1 coach for every 6 players. By investing in our coaching staff, we ensure that our players get more individual attention and feedback thereby speeding their improvement.
  • Experience – The program is owned and operated by collegiate level coaches and utilizes area high school and junior high coaches. Our staff has experience playing and coaching volleyball at a high level.
  • Training the “all around player” – We prepare every single athlete for success in multiple positions. By avoiding specialization at a young age, our athletes can transition to numerous positions at the next level without dealing with a learning curve.
  • Volleyball IQ – We don’t just coach players on what to do and where to go. We help them understand the “why,” creating stronger, smarter athletes.
  • Communication and organization – We pride ourselves in 100% transparency with parents and players. We continually communicate throughout the year to make sure that parents are in the loop on everything; from tournaments and practices to playing time and strategy.
  • Consistency – We have consistent practice times and locations. No week to week carpool scrambling.
  • Results – Last year, we had two players in our program who were cut from their junior high teams. This year, both made their programs – one making the freshman A team​!

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If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Executive Director, Matt Switzer at or 312-504-4697.