Policies and Expectations

Club Momentum Athletics Policies and Expectations

Practices are mandatory and we expect all athletes to attend practice unless they are ill or have a scheduled conflict (school sport, extracurricular activity). If an athlete is unexpectedly unable to attend practice, the athlete must contact the coach no less than two hours before the practice is scheduled to begin. Players will be expected to arrive at the gym 15 minutes prior to practice.

All Club Momentum athletes are allowed five study days per year. To schedule a study day, you must inform your coach a minimum of three hours in advance of the practice. If athletes exceed the use of their three study days, they must make up the time through private lessons or position-specific optional practices. If they do not, the athlete is benched for one match.

The practice environment is a place to work and improve your skills. Our goal is to create better player and with that improved team play will follow. We will recognize the following rules:

  1. Any and all jewelry is prohibited
  2. Volleyball shoes will be worn inside the gym, and NEVER outside
  3. During cold weather, athletes should be adequately clothed entering and exiting practice

All practices are closed to the public, except for the first practice of each month, which will be open to parents to observe. Parents are welcome to sit away from the courts, but cannot be visible to the athletes. We want our players to have the freedom to make mistakes and not feel like they are being watched over at all times.

Once distributed, players must wear Club Momentum practice apparel (not game jerseys) to every practice. Spandex is required to be worn at its appropriate length. Players should arrive at practice 15 minutes early and be dressed and ready to participate in practice at the scheduled time.

At the beginning of the year, every Club Momentum player will receive a volleyball as part of their apparel package. It is required that they bring this USAV-approved ball to every practice and tournament. It is important that they write their name and club on the ball.


Tournaments are held on Saturdays or Sundays and typically run from early morning until late afternoons or late afternoons to evenings and consist of pool play followed by a single elimination tournament. Tournaments can last as long as eight to 10 hours with teams often playing between five and six matches.

Players and parents should be reminded that bringing outside food to tournaments is strictly prohibited. With this in mind, players are responsible for eating appropriately for an active day.

Club Momentum athletes are required to attend all competition dates unless written explanation is provided to the coach and director no less than one month in advance of the first day of the event. All athletes must complete officiating duties prior to leaving an event.

General Guidelines

Abusive or vulgar language will not be tolerated, and could result in the immediate termination of participation in the Club Momentum program without refund.

Multi-sport athletes and participants in other extracurricular activities are excused from practices and regional events. The participant must provide both the head coach and director their practice/rehearsal schedules as soon as they become available. If practices/rehearsals do not conflict with club practices, athletes are required to be in attendance.

Failure to follow these policies will result in the athlete not being allowed to compete, dismissal from the program or event completely, and/or disciplinary action if the coach/administration deems it appropriate.

More information on club volleyball can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.